Included in the Biz Bundle is two of my most popular online modules.

Module #1 - "Securing Your 1st Client"

One of the most frequent questions I get from aspiring education consultants is, "How do I find my first client?". During this online module, I am answering this exact question! This module will teach you three strategies to find your first client and secure your first consulting contract.

Module #2 - "8 Service Models for Your Consulting Business"

Diversifying the service models within your business increases your business's sustainability. "But what other service models are there besides professional development?" say? This module will give you the answers you are looking for. You will learn 8 services models you can implement within your consulting business to diversify your revenue streams.

About Your Instructor

Erica Jordan-Thomas (EJT) is a former high school math teacher, instructional coach, assistant principal and principal. She is currently a full-time doctoral candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She launched her consulting business, EJT Consulting LLC, in 2017. Since launching, she has served over 30 school districts, education non-profits and higher education institution, and doubled her business revenue each year. Launching her consulting business as allowed her discover a profitable purpose, serve more students and build a path towards financial freedom. She is on a mission to support other educators in doing the same.

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